Discover Your Design Personality

If you are struggling with a decorating project, it may be that you have yet to discover your design style. See which of these descriptions best matches your personality. Once you've determine your personal design style, you can go forth and decorate with ease!

Ever So Eclectic
You embrace a wide variety of styles and time periods in your home’s decor and deftly link everything together using color, texture and shape. Things that match perfectly are a big turn off. You like to break the rules when it comes to decorating. This avant-garde design style is perfect for those of us who can’t settle on a single decorating approach.

Totally Traditional
You feel most content when surrounded by familiar forms, colors and materials Guests are immediately drawn in by classic furniture pieces, fine woodwork, graceful curves and elegant fabrics. You have a connection with European, Old World or early American design. Your home exudes symmetry, calm and timeless elegance.

Very Vintage
You love the accessibility and affordability of vintage and retro furniture and accessories. To you, the hunt for unique statement pieces at flea markets or garage sales is almost as much fun as the finished room. Whether it’s a sleek and sophisticated mid century sofa or a brightly colored collection of Fiestaware, you have a deep and abiding respect for all things with a past.

Glamorously Global
You are an explorer in a world with few boundaries.  Faraway places fill your dreams and exotic furnishings fill your home. You have picked up a few from your journeys. Nomadic pals gladly contribute to your collection of ethnic treasures. Whatever the source, your home reflects the vibrancy of a life well traveled.

Mostly Modern
You abhor clutter. Simplicity is your mantra. Clean lines and open spaces allow you to breathe and explore all that is progressive in design. Geometric shapes and angles speak to you and play a big part in your decorating. Your contemporary design aesthetic artfully merges form with function, giving your home both beauty and purpose.

Comfortably Casual
You would feel equally at home in a windswept beach cottage, French country farmhouse or a rustic mountain cabin. Relaxed, homey, warm and inviting define your lifestyle and decorating style. Overstuffed seating and natural, weathered surfaces give a laid-back vibe and are the perfect complement to your everyday life.

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