Easy Way to Choose A Room's Color Palette

Coming up with a visually pleasing color scheme for a room isn’t as difficult as you might think. Get rid of your color wheel and books on color theory and just have fun! To that end, we have found a fabulous color tool designed to help you choose a color scheme for any room of your house. Be forewarned, you will likely become addicted to this interactive and entertaining piece of design technology!

Chip It!, by Sherwin-Williams, lets you download any image and instantly creates a color palette featuring up to 10 of their paint colors (out of 1,500+). You can save each of your chip cards, print them out or share them to your smartphone or tablet—that way you can reference your color inspiration chip as you shop for paint, furnishings and accessories.

To make things even easier, start with one favorite item as a jumping off point for your room’s color scheme. Choose anything you like—a pillow, collectible, rug—whatever inspires you. Take a photo, pop it into Chip It! and see where it takes you...

Consider the colors from a rug that you love. Rugs ground a room and delineate space. A Persian area rug with muted florals can set the tone for an entire room.

Pull inspiration from colors in your bedding to create a soothing color scheme guaranteed to produce sweet dreams. Utilize your existing bedding or find a ensemble reminiscent of an exotic locale.

Use a piece of furniture as the centerpiece of your room’s color scheme. This chair will lend a springtime air to a dark space lacking in natural light.

Take color cues from your artwork. Art is a key element in a room that makes a highly personal statement, so it makes sense to use a favorite piece as the muse for your room’s color palette.

Pick a pillow as a guide for your color scheme. Choose shades from an elegant pillow as the focus of your color scheme. Make it pop by painting the walls one of the lighter hues from your inspiration chip.

Give a cherished accessory the prominence it deserves. A simple Murano-inspired vase, with its rich colors and depth, opens up a variety of vibrant color choices for a room.


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