Color Cache | Turquoise

The color turquoise is a cheerful color that is associated with enjoyment of life. As for its psychology, turquoise helps us verbally communicate what we feel in our hearts. It is said to keep our emotions in check and heal us when we are sad, lonely or tired. Turquoise contributes to our stability and strength.

What we most think of as turquoise typically consists of blue with a small amount of yellow, placing it on the color wheel between green and blue. It takes on each of these colors’ characteristics: the calming influence of blue, the balancing effect of green and the energizing property of yellow. It is the perfect color to have in your life as it also assists with decision-making and clarity of thought.

Using Turquoise in the Home
Turquoise is an uncomplicated color that can liven up any room of your home. It has a number of variations, from brilliant aquamarine to subdued teal, making it a good all-around color for home design.

For instance, if you are decorating a room with teal, go with measured accents of vivid colors like fuschia, citrine or bittersweet for a playful contrast. In a more formal room, pair it with restrained colors like eggplant, blueberry, olive or gold. However, don’t worry too much about what goes with turquoise. Consider the hues of turquoise found in the sea and skies—almost any color in the spectrum will work with the right shade of turquoise.

If you are dying to use turquoise in your home, but are afraid of overdoing it, incorporate the color in limited doses. In the kitchen, use turquoise glass tiles for a beachy backsplash against weathered white cabinetry. In rooms with built-ins, try painting the interior of the cabinets in a brighter turquoise for a splash of unexpected color. For the brave at heart, go for broke in small spaces like the powder room, by painting all the walls in a rich shade of this perennial favorite. 

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