Color Cache | Orange

When we think of the color orange, many different shades come to mind. Orange runs the gamut from neon tangerine to pastel peach. However, at this time of the year, orange conjures up images of turning leaves, the harvest moon, pumpkins and crackling bonfires. To honor the season, we will take on the earthy shades of orange most befitting autumn.

Understanding Orange
The warmth of orange represents a joyful and inviting spirit. It derives these characteristics from its base colors of red and yellow. Orange relates to intuition and gives one the ability to draw from inner strength in order to overcome emotional setbacks.

The motivation we gain from orange allows us to deftly navigate minor obstacles in our everyday lives. It also instills in us the confidence to take on tasks that require physicality and self-reliance.

Although orange is inherently extroverted, it is also an introspective color that focuses on integrity and decency. It teaches us to be comfortable with who we are. Orange inspires compassion and communication between individuals—making us more tolerant of differing opinions and encouraging respect for others. 

Using Orange in the Home
Shades of autumnal orange are perfectly suited for any room in your home. Use a little or a lot—orange is wonderful as an accent or as the primary color in a space. These oranges happily coexist with browns and tans. They can also add just the right punch to white, gray and lavender. Pair them with intense emerald green, aubergine or navy for a rich, jewel-tone effect.  

Nothing warms up a bedroom like an accent wall painted in burnt orange. Dress the bed in sumptuous, white bed linens. Turn up the cozy factor by piling on decorative pillows in shades of agate, dusky bronze and spice to complete the look.

Add contrast to your kitchen with rich, terra-cotta flooring and light, weathered cabinets. Throw in black quartzite counters to create the perfect bridge between warm terracotta tiles and cool gray wood tones. You'll love the result.

Orange is a welcome addition to your foyer. Cover the walls with a graphic, patterned wallpaper in pumpkin on an ivory background. A caramel-colored Bombay chest and a side chair in royal blue velvet are just the touches you need to greet your guests in style.


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