Transform Your Bathroom Into a Spa Retreat

A trip to a day spa is the ultimate in relaxation and the perfect way to pamper yourself. Spa treatments magically melt away tension and leave you completely rejuvenated and ready to face the stresses of daily life.

Unfortunately, not all of us have the spare time or resources to indulge in regular spa visits. Do the next best thing by transforming your ordinary bathroom into a soothing spa-like retreat. Just a few minor changes and additions will give you the ability to unwind and recharge whenever you desire!

Get a Massage
There’s nothing quite like a spa massage. You can easily recreate the experience by replacing your showerhead with one featuring a variety of massage settings, such as pulsating, full body, power spray, rainfall or custom combinations. Select a showerhead to fit your budget, follow the installation instructions and you’ll be totally stress-free in no time at all. 

Another option is to submerge your tired, aching body into a luxurious whirlpool bath for a blissful hydrotherapy session. Convert your standard bathtub with a bubble massage mat that attaches to the bottom of the tub or a small spa jet motor designed to fit over the side of the tub. A long soak in your new Jacuzzi is an ideal way to relieve tight muscles and allow time for that avocado facial mask to nourish your skin!

Use Aromatherapy
Sure, a massage alone is great, however, you can heighten the at-home spa experience by introducing aromatherapy to the mix. Breathing the fragrance of certain aromatic plants can boost your immune system, relieve tension and improve your mood.

You can use bundles of actual plants and activate them with the heat and moisture from your shower or bath. For instance, inhaling lavender will help you drift off to sleep. Eucalyptus, on the other hand, will invigorate and get you primed for a busy day. Or choose from diffusers, scented sprays and candles—just make sure they contain genuine essential oils to help you achieve the desired effect.

Dim the Lights
Low light aids in relaxation, but remember you also need plenty of illumination when you are getting ready in the morning. This will require multiple light sources or the ability to adjust the intensity of existing overhead or vanity lighting.

If you can’t add lighting, simply install a dimmer in place of your regular wall toggle switch. A dimmer gives you the ability to regulate the amount of light, depending on the task at hand. If a dimmer won’t work, experiment with the wattage of your light bulbs or simply turn off the lights and use candles when you want to de-stress.

Create Calm with Color
Color is one of the single most important elements for creating a peaceful home spa. Look to the hues found in nature when selecting paint colors and accessories. You can go completely monochromatic with neutrals like whites, creams, beiges and soft browns for a serene feel. Introduce a pale blue, gray or green to mimic the calming effects of water.

Showcase Spa Essentials
Keep spa essentials at the ready and stored in simple containers to cut down on visual clutter. A hand woven, rattan tray containing your favorite body scrub, cleansing mask, moisturizers and rose water looks lovely when displayed on the vanity. Likewise, a bamboo tub caddy is the perfect place for your loofah, oatmeal soap, bath salts and pumice stone. Place extra soaps, cotton balls and swabs in clear glass apothecary jars and neatly arrange them on rustic, floating shelves.

Play Up the Details
Always bring a bottle (or two) of chilled water along when you retire to your spa sanctuary. Make it special by keeping it chilled in a wine bucket. Mood music is mandatory. A mellow soundtrack is best, but go with the tunes that inspire you. Pick a wired or wireless speaker that works with your phone or MP3 player.

Add fresh flowers or a living plant. Nothing communicates Zen like an exquisite orchid. Don't settle for anything less than sumptuous, Egyptian cotton towels, washcloths and bathmat for softness beyond compare and unparalleled absorbency. Complete your home spa experience by wrapping up in a cozy terrycloth robe and slippers. Ahhhhh!


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