Storage Solutions for Holiday Decor

Now that you’ve decked the halls in holiday style, it’s time to think about efficient ways to store all those decorations once the festivities are over. Make it easy on yourself now and next holiday season, by organizing and storing your ornaments, lights and accessories in containers specially designed for holiday decor. These simple storage solutions not only look great and take up less space, they will protect your precious holiday keepsakes so your family can enjoy them for many holidays to come.

Delicate Items

Fragile holiday ornaments and decorative accessories require extra care. Preserve and protect handmade paper ornaments by storing them in archival cardboard boxes. Reuse original ornament packaging or purchase divided storage containers. Wrap delicate glass items with acid-free paper or bubble wrap to provide a layer of cushioning. Wrap candles in tissue paper and place inside an airtight plastic bin. Store them in a climate-controlled area to avoid exposure to heat and moisture.

Cut down on holiday decorating time by storing your holiday accessories like stockings, centerpieces and candleholders in collections by room. Look for storage containers on sale and buy one or two bins per room. Label each container with the appropriate room designation and next year’s decorating will be a snap!

Artificial Trees
We think artificial trees are the way to go, short of the assembly and tedious task of adjusting and positioning each branch to achieve fresh-cut tree perfection. You can forego this mind-numbing chore next year by storing your artificial tree upright and intact.

A number of manufacturers offer Christmas tree storage bags that literally slip right over your perfectly shaped evergreen. Some bags feature wheels to aid in transport and others simply fit over the existing tree stand and double as a tree skirt during the holidays. When it’s time to retire your faux fir for the season, simply remove your ornaments, cinch up the bag and stow it away until next December.

Gift Wrap
If you love shopping after Christmas sales to stock up on wrapping paper, this storage tip is just for you! Gift wrap storage systems keep unruly wrapping paper rolls, gift tags, ribbons, tape and scissors neatly organized and in one place. Choose from a variety of space savers like divided under bed storage boxes, wall mounted units or over the door wire shelving.

Better yet, save money by repurposing a regular zippered hanging garment bag to house all your gift wrapping materials. Measure your wrapping paper rolls and find a garment bag to accommodate that length. Corral loose wrapping supplies in small, labeled plastic bins and arrange them in the bottom of the bag. Hang the garment bag in the back of the closet until it’s time again for gift giving!

Light Strings

Nothing puts a damper on holiday decorating than a tangled mess of Christmas lights. Keep it neat by storing your light strings on specially designed reels or reusing cardboard tubing from your Christmas wrap. Remove the light strings from your tree or house and lay them out flat (this is a good time to replace burned out bulbs). Carefully wrap the lights onto reels or cardboard tubes. Store the lights with your tree trimmings and outdoor decor.

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