Make Your Ceilings Pop With Paint

Your newly decorated room is nothing short of fabulous. You’ve chosen the perfect wall color. The furnishings and accessories are spot on. But you have this gnawing feeling that something is still missing. Take a look at your ceilings. Do they complete the space or just fade into nothingness? Consider pampering the forgotten “fifth wall” with color, a hint of luster or stenciled patterns to give your room the crowning touch it deserves!

Get Sophisticated
Create instant sophistication by painting the ceiling the same color as your walls. This technique works best in rooms with high ceilings or those with crown molding. If you think the effect will be too overpowering, use a ceiling color two shades lighter on the color chip than your wall color. Or simply add white pigment to your wall paint to lighten the look of the ceiling.

Enliven a Neutral Room
Take a room with neutral walls to the next level by painting the ceiling a vivid, yet complimentary color. Imagine a room with white walls with an eye-catching, cobalt blue ceiling! It not only adds interest, it give you another great way to inject your personality into a space. Showcase coffered, coved, beamed or paneled ceilings by reinforcing those architectural features with a dose of vibrant paint color.

Add Warmth
An open concept space with towering walls often feels cold and impersonal. You can easily warm up the lower portion of the room with rugs, furnishings and window treatments. However, even a killer chandelier will feel lost when set against a white ceiling. Add warmth to the entire space painting the ceiling in an intense shade like mahogany, navy or gunmetal. This is a sure-fire way to cozy up even the most cavernous room.

Glam It Up 
If you’re a glamorous sort who appreciates shimmer and shine, try experimenting with paint glazes on the ceiling. You can go subtle or bold. Use a neutral color as the base and apply a topcoat of matching pearlescent glaze to introduce a hint of glam. Got a country-inspired room that is yearning for a tin ceiling? Stencil one on with metallic glaze in any finish you like. This reflective trompe l’oeil effect is sure to amaze!

Create Space
Got a small room but don’t have the budget to open up the walls or raise the ceiling? Take the easy route and renovate with paint! Visually expand a small room by minimizing the contrast in color between the walls and ceiling. Also, remember that lighter colors make a room feel larger. For example, soft beige walls capped by a creamy yellow ceiling fool the eye into thinking the walls and ceiling are one continuous plane—thus creating a greater sense of space. In this case, choose a ceiling paint with a flat finish to match that of your walls.


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