5 Easy Ways to Cheer Up Your Home Decor

We don’t typically think of inanimate objects as being sad, but it’s something that can happen. Consider your home’s decor. You are busy with your job, family and everyday life. Could it be that your home is feeling neglected? Face it, things feel a bit off the moment you walk through the front door, but you just can’t put your finger on the problem.

Maybe it is time to cheer up your home's decor. There are five easy and affordable ways to accomplish this. You’ll be amazed with the results. Cheering up your home will not only lift everyone’s spirits, it will recaptures your home's former glory, making it the happy and welcoming place you remember!

1. Bring in Cheerful Color
Color affects mood. It can make you happy and can up the cheerful factor in your home. If your home is awash with cool, calming colors, the soothing atmosphere may translate to boredom. Try introducing brighter, warmer colors into your rooms--red, orange, yellow or pink will energize your spaces.

You don’t have to totally change your color scheme, just add cheerful shots of color with pillows and accessories. Find a cheery accent color or two that will work with your existing color palette.

2. Make a Change
Is there something in your home you have been wanting to change for years? It may be just the thing to cheer up your home.

  •     Switch out those faded curtains for updated blinds or shutters.

  •     Rearrange your furniture. Get the entire family involved in this project.

  •     Change out your old bed linens and buy new, hotel-quality bath towels.

Whether large or small – if it’s been bugging you, it is time to change it! Set aside the budget to make your change and do it as soon as possible.

3. Lighten Up
A home without adequate light looks depressing. In addition, if you don’t get enough natural light, you may actually suffer from the 'seasonal blues', a medically recognized condition known as seasonal affective disorder.

It is time to open the curtains and blinds and flood your rooms with natural light. If your home is short on windows or you live in a basement apartment, look into light therapy illumination. These lamps and light bulbs simulate natural light and are designed to improve your mood and energy levels.

Or simply replace existing light bulbs with brighter ones and add a few inexpensive lamps around the house. You will get a mental boost and your rooms will look cheerier and more stylish.

4. Clean and De-clutter
There is nothing cheerful about a messy home. Are you sick and tired of coming home to a dirty, cluttered house? Do something about it. Clean it up!

Start by tackling one room or area per day. Then tidy things up immediately once they become cluttered. Schedule a time to do a bi-weekly or monthly whole house cleaning. Maintaining a clean house will definitely cheer it up.

5. Add Plants and Flowers
You know how it cheers you up when you receive a bouquet of flowers? Well, the same applies to your home. Buy some fragrant blooms, arrange them in a lovely vase and place them on a table – it’s a sure-fire way to cheer up your home.

If you can afford it, bring in a fresh flowers once a week. Many grocery stores and membership warehouses have small floral departments and offer seasonal arrangements and single stems at reasonable prices. Carnations and alstroemeria are always an economical choice. Better yet, if you have a flower garden, bring in cuttings to brighten up a room for free.

If fresh flowers aren’t in the cards, pick up a flowering plant to cheer up a room. Enjoy the blooms for a while and once they are spent, give your plant a prime place in a flower bed to cheer up your landscaping.
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