Color Cache | Green

The possibilities of decorating with green are virtually limitless. Find out how to use this versatile color in any room of your home. Whether you use a little or a lot, you will love the end result!

Understanding Green
Green symbolizes harmony and stability in matters of the heart. It is the color of rebirth and renewal, providing calm amidst life’s stressors and uses its restorative powers to recharge our batteries.

On an emotional scale, green rates a “10” in positivity. It helps us take care of ourselves and loved ones unconditionally. Green has an extremely balanced moral compass, making it the consummate diplomat and advocate of all things just.

Green has long signified wealth and success as it relates to business, but can also be viewed as a domineering controller of money, possessions and people.

Using Green in the Home

You can bring bits of green in by considering what nature has to offer. Anything from succulents to a ficus tree will instantly green up your home. And there are other benefits to having a few plants in the home. Plants purportedly purify air, improve overall health, sharpen mental focus and make you happy.

Another way to introduce the color green into a room is to do so through accessories. Select items like a handmade ceramic vase, decorative pillows or artwork to satisfy your green fix. Start gradually and add more as you feel more comfortable working with this versatile color.

If you want a big splash of green, you can go bold with paint. Try a dusty sage on all four walls or a rich emerald green as a dramatic accent wall. Not ready to commit to painting? Create a big burst of green with an area rug or curtains.

Choosing Companion Colors

For an organic look, incorporate moss green with shades of soft blue and beige or brown. If you are unsure which colors complement green, stick with what is found in nature—you'll never go wrong.

Take a cue from Lilly Pulitzer and outfit your powder room with a combination of lime green and pink for a cheerful, preppy feel.

Don’t forget, you can also mix various shades of green to create a classic monochromatic color scheme. Keep things interesting by pairing strong greens with subtle hues.


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