Elegant Bedroom Ideas

Imagine having the bedroom you’ve always dreamed of. It is elegant, sophisticated and full of special touches that make it feel like a 5-star resort or ripped straight from the pages of the latest home decor magazine—a masterpiece of perfection. Your dream bedroom is stylish and effortless—with an understated color palette and luxurious bed linens. You can make this dream a reality. Our ideas will help you create an elegant bedroom you’ll never want to leave. 

Color selection is an important element in bedroom design. A monochromatic color scheme will not only look elegant, it creates a soothing environment by using the differing tones and shades of a single color. Another visually pleasing option is an analogous palette consisting of hues adjacent to each other on the color wheel. Or, if you want to make it easy-peasy, stick with two neutrals, like white and beige and one accent color such as sea glass blue.

Don’t feel the need to run out and buy everything at once. And by all means, do not purchase a matching collection. Your bedroom will exude elegance if you curate with quality furniture pieces over time. Whether you begin with a regency armoire, Queen Anne writing desk or mirrored deco bedside tables, start with a style that speaks to you and then gradually add compatible furniture pieces to the mix.

Bed Linens
There’s nothing that says elegance like sumptuous bed linens. Choose from Egyptian cotton, satin, silk or linen to give your room sensibility of an upscale hotel or romantic French boudoir. Although you love the look and feel of satin, you might want to stick to easy-care, durable cotton blends if you have kids and pets in the house. Don’t forget pillows and a duvet insert. Natural down is the perfect choice for sheer elegance. However, you can do just a well with affordable, synthetic down fill.

Window Treatments
Window treatments will up the elegance quotient in your dream bedroom. Consider woven grass shades, plantation shutters or wood blinds as an organic touch to a coastal or exotic retreat. Layer curtains over your blinds, shades or sheers to help soften hard edges. For the height of opulence, drape your windows in voluminous silk taffeta or classic Dupioni.

Focal Point
Every bedroom needs a focal point. So, highlight those gorgeous linens with a bed that makes an unforgettable statement. Whether your preference is an ornately carved sleigh bed, a velvet tufted headboard or a wrought iron canopy—you can rest assured, your bed will be the heart and soul of your elegant sanctuary.
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