Color Cache | Yellow
Yellow is the color of lemons, butter, sunshine and rubber duckies. What’s not to love about yellow? It is a fresh and vibrant color that will enliven any room in your home if you learn to use it properly. Stay tuned to find out more about this popular hue and how to incorporate it into your summer decorating scheme.

Understanding Yellow
Yellow is typically a cheery color, thought to uplift and inspire. It stimulates the left brain relating to analytical thought more than creative activities. Yellow is a color of inventiveness, sparking originality and innovation.

While yellow may be associated with wisdom and hope, it is a hue with multiple personalities. Yellow meets challenges head on and is a master of making logical decisions—this is particularly applicable to scientific endeavors. However, yellow can also be silly and frivolous, or spiritual and enlightened.

Decorating with Yellow
Yellow holds a place of importance in design. Its position is at the top of the color wheel because it is the lightest and brightest color and is one of the three primary colors from which all other colors are derived. You really need to explore this happy, warm and welcoming color. While yellow is a versatile color, just be aware it may take some time to find just the right shade.

Yellow can be beautiful—or it can be shocking. Some yellows have warm undertones, which makes them cozy and inviting. Golden yellow works in almost any space and can almost be considered a neutral. Soft, buttery yellow is a natural for a nursery or child’s room.

Avoid expanses of bright or neon yellow in large rooms—it’s much better used as an accent. Rooms without windows benefit the most from intense shades of yellow. It gives the impression of natural light. Pale yellow walls can make a space feel calm and tranquil.

Yellow ochre with burnt orange and deep red conjure up the colors of fall or those found in a summer sunset. Consider pairing yellow, pink and ivory to create a slice of summer in your home. Blue and yellow look right at home in a French country kitchen or modern living room. Yellow black and white lends a high contrast, graphic look to any space.

That's the skinny on yellow. Are you ready to add it to your decorating repertoire?


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