Essentials for Your Home Office

Using the dining room table as your desk can leave a bad taste in your mouth. Clear off the paperwork and use the room as it was intended! Take back your eating space and create a work area that won’t interfere with your daily life. It’s time to make a well-organized and thoughtfully furnished home office a reality.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who get to work from home, then you really need to listen up. Even if you’re just looking to carve out a spot to take care of household business, you’ll benefit from this post too. A home office can consist of anything from a corner of the bedroom to a professional space with all the bells and whistles—it all depends on your needs and budget.

Create the foundation for an organized and productive workspace by starting with the essentials. Whether you’re furnishing a telecommuting office, a crafting station, bill paying center or artist’s studio, you’ll need an appropriate work surface, a comfortable chair, proper lighting and smart storage.

Work Surfaces
The single most important furniture piece for your home office is a desk on which to work. Balancing your computer on your lap is just not acceptable. Now, you could go out and purchase a fancy desk for your space, but before you do, consider some of these money-saving options.

Recycle a desk from another room or pick up a deal at a garage sale or thrift store. If you can’t find a desk you like, why not repurpose a table? A simple parsons table is a perfectly good substitute for a desk. Or get creative and purchase a flat panel door and mount it on file cabinets to provide extra storage.

In a multipurpose or confined space, install a fold-down, wall mounted desk—simply clear off the surface and flip it up into a wall cabinet when not in use. Some models even feature storage cubbies for mail and files, adjustable shelves and space for a corkboard.

Finding the perfect office chair will go a long way in improving your productivity and your health. The first inclination may be to skimp and use a chair you have around the house, like a dining or upholstered accent chair. While it may look stylish, chances are it won’t be good for your back. If you sit at your desk for long stretches of time, pamper yourself by purchasing the best quality office chair your budget will allow. Look for models that provide good lumbar and leg support, adjustable armrests and a backrest that encourages good posture.


Don’t rely on that bare ceiling bulb or table lamp way across the room to illuminate your workspace properly. Performing close work is hard enough on your eyes—why make things worse by working in low light. Consider wall-mounted task lighting if desk space is at a premium. Recessed or tack lighting will provide plenty of general illumination. A combination of adequate task and ambient lighting will prevent eyestrain and allow you to adjust light levels throughout the day and evening.

The final piece to the office essentials puzzle is to include ample storage. Filing cabinets are a great essential, but there are other options available to keep clutter at bay and create a stylish, organized and efficient space.

Natural woven baskets perched on wall shelves, a bookcase or compartment cubbies are the ideal place to store office supplies, files and reading material. Dress up an old metal filing cabinet with paint or wallpaper. If you’re officing in a converted bedroom, create out-of-the-way storage in the closet by adding shelves for supplies and room to house your printer and copier.

5 Quick Tips for Creating the Perfect Office
1.  Choose furniture essentials that will hold up to daily use and will last. In other words, choose the best quality you can afford whether it’s new or used—you’ll save money in the long run. 
2.  Use furnishings that create a work environment you’ll enjoy—a home office that reflects your personality and inspires you.
3.  Create a comfortable environment with lighting that fixes common issues such as inadequate light, distracting contrasts and annoying glare.
4.  Combine hidden and open storage elements to minimize clutter while keeping everything you need close at hand.
5.   Regardless of size or location, your home office should offer the perfect mix of comfort, efficiency and good looks.
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