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Let purple “reign” in your home! From deep plum to pale violet, this color has a wide range of variations, which makes it even more appealing. Use purple as a primary or accent color in your decorating scheme and you’ll revel in its regal splendor.

Understanding Purple
Purple is the color of royalty, power and wealth. It also signifies good judgment and spiritual realization. If you fill your world with purple, it is said you will have inner peace. And for some reason, purple has always been associated with wizardry, magic and mystery.

Purple is a combination of the warmest and coolest colors, red and blue, making it the most balanced color in the spectrum. It is the color of drive and decisiveness as well as imagination and creativeness—it is the most popular color among artists.

Decorating with Purple
With neutral undertones, purple can be highly versatile and pleasing in most interior settings. Purple that has more blue reads cooler, making it a relaxing choice for the master bedroom, a child’s room, media room or even the main living space. Shades that lean more toward red, such as plum are perfect for the dining room, powder room or entry.

Whether pale or intense, this color with its refined lineage looks fabulous in oversize spaces like a great room. Darker shades can make a study feel warm and cozy, while lighter versions can temper the hard lines of a bedroom without seeming too feminine. Try to keep large expanses of purple subdued. Purple that is too bright and obvious can end up looking cartoonish.

Purple gets along with many other colors, making it a great option if you are redecorating. You can pair it with shades like sage green, robin’s egg blue or soft rose to create a pastel paradise. Purple is the perfect foil for opulent tones like tourmaline, sapphire, topaz and ruby. It also can be used quite successfully when considering a monochromatic color palette.

So why not give purple a whirl! Since we associate this rich hue with nobility, adding a little or a lot to your home will make it feel all the more special.

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