How to Make Fabulous DIY Curtains from Sheets

Prices for most ready-made curtains are pretty expensive for what you get. So, what if we let you in on a little secret—you can make your own designer curtains in as little as a weekend if you have a sewing machine and the ability to sew a straight line. If you’re not into sewing, we’ll even share a couple of no-sew options as well! Find some flat sheets on sale that coordinate with your existing decor. Then have some fun and whip up a few curtain panels that rival those found in well-known home stores. It’s as easy as it sounds if you follow these simple steps!

Step 1
Measure the width of the window opening and measure for length based on the height of the curtain rod. Determine if you want floor or window sill length curtains.

Step 2

Take your measurements to the store and select the proper size flat sheets. Purchase ones that will provide a total width (two curtain panels) equal to two times the width of the window opening.

Step 3

Measure the width and length of each flat sheet. Mark them based on the measurements in Step 1. Cut the sheets to the appropriate sizes.

Step 4

Create the rod pockets by gently opening each end of the wide top hem of the flat sheet with a seam ripper. Finish the rod pocket by folding the unfinished edges inside the pocket and securing with fusible hem tape or hand stitching.

Step 5
Form, iron and pin the hems of the curtain panels. Give your curtains a professional look by using a twice-turned hemming technique to completely conceal the raw edges. Fold the fabric into a narrow hem. Make the second fold the desired depth of the finished hem.

Step 6

Sew hems using a medium length, straight stitch on your sewing machine. Iron the curtains before hanging.

Tips and Tricks
Cut queen and king flat sheets in half lengthwise to create two curtain panels. Two twin or full flat sheets will adequately cover most standard-size windows.

Eliminate the rod pocket completely by using clip-on curtain rings. If there is no issue with pattern, affix the clips along the narrow bottom hem and hang the sheet upside down--it makes for a neater look. Measure the ring and clip drop when considering the finished length of your curtains. If the sheets are the right size, you won't need to sew at all--just clip on the rings and go!

If you don't have access to a sewing machine, create hems and seams with fusible hem tape. Create a twice-turned hem, cut the fusible tape the correct width and length, insert into the hem folds and iron according to the package directions.

Every bedding manufacturer produces sheets with slight variations in dimensions. Check the package for the exact sizing.

Sheets are typically not thick enough to provide adequate privacy, insulation and light control. Use a blind or shade as the first layer under your decorative curtains.

When using fusible hem tape, leave no portion of the tape exposed. Fusible hem tape will leave a sticky, difficult-to-remove residue on your iron's soleplate.

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