Cheap and Adorable DIY Napkin Rings

Shopping for dining accessories is expensive. Even items like napkin rings can take a serious bite out of your budget. Make your next dinner party extra special by dressing up the table with one of these easy do-it-yourself projects. Craft beautiful, custom napkin rings in an afternoon with a few simple crafting supplies. Choose from whimsical or sophisticated napkin rings that are sure to impress your guests.

Fabric or Paper Rings
Accumulate several cardboard tubes from spent paper towel rolls. Cut the cardboard tubing into 2-inch rings. Cut strips of wrapping paper, wallpaper or fabric of your choosing to cover the tubes. Coat the outside surface of the tube with a layer of glue to affix the fabric or paper. Tuck the raw edges inside the ends of the tube and secure with glue.

Beaded Rings
Purchase a package of assorted glass beads and jewelry wire. Cut 6-inch lengths of wire for your napkin rings. Form a small loop at one end of the wire with jewelry pliers. String the beads onto the wire and close the other end with another small loop. Wrap the beaded wire around your napkins to create a sparkling addition to any dinner party.

Tissue Flower Rings
To make each flower, cut four sheets of tissue paper into rectangles 5 inches wide by 10 inches long. Stack the sheets and fold them into narrow accordion pleats. Cinch the center  with a piece of floral wire. Make a small loop of wire on the backside of the flower. Trim each end of the tissue paper into a point. Gently separate the tissue layers. Use a ribbon to tie around your napkin.
Wire Rings
Purchase 18-gauge silver, copper or brass wire from the craft or hardware store. Cut the wire into desired lengths. Form swirls by holding each end of the wire with the needle-nose pliers and forming concentric circles. Leave a long straight section between the swirls to wrap around the napkin. Use a piece of PVC pipe to shape the wire into a ring.

Nature-Inspired Rings
Purchase packages of small pine cones or acorns from the craft store. Better yet, explore nature and gather your own supply. Begin by wrapping inexpensive plastic or wooden napkin rings with narrow brown or burgundy satin ribbon. Secure each end of the ribbon to the napkin ring with a dab of hot glue. Glue a tiny pine cones or acorns into place in the center of the napkin rings.


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