Design Crush | Patchwork in the Home

Quilting bees were a common social event during the 1800s where women shared the latest community news and gossip while skillfully piecing together beautiful and functional patchwork blankets. These quilts were sometimes sold at the church bazaar, while others were kept in the family or gifted to the town’s new bride or mother-to-be.

Over the years, quilting has gone from being a necessity to more of a decorative pursuit. Many of us still have beds adorned with patchwork quilts. They may not be family heirlooms, but they fondly remind us of a simpler time. Maybe that’s why quilts have remained so well loved over the centuries and why patchwork items remain a favorite home d├ęcor trend.

Venice Clay Artists

 ABC Carpet and Home

Today’s patchwork creations are not like your great-grandmother’s handiwork. The colors, designs and materials used are a whimsical and fresh take on the time-honored craft. The good news is they still convey that warm, homespun feeling that makes them a perennial classic.

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