2016 Colors of the Year

Color experts are apparently using their selections for 2016 to send a message of calm and reassurance during somewhat turbulent times. These unexpected choices obviously won’t solve the world’s problems but we hope the picks will help you create a peaceful sanctuary for yourself and your family. Let’s take a look at the tranquil colors of the year for 2016 and find out how they came out on top.

Benjamin Moore
In October, Benjamin Moore announced Simply White OC-117 as its color for 2016. We thought it a curious choice given the popularity of trends like ethnic furnishings and bright accents. The company analyzed current and future trends in architecture, home furnishings, fashion and art to determine their  winner—a color that’s technically not a color.

In a press release, Benjamin Moore’s Creative Director Ellen O'Neill explained the selection: “The color white is transcendent, powerful and polarizing—it is either taken for granted or obsessed over.” In fact, the company carries more than 150 variations of white and the top five colors in their entire arsenal are in that particular color family.

O’Neill said it was inevitable they would eventually name white as their color of the year. To demonstrate the versatility of Simply White, Benjamin Moore included a palette of 23 compatible colors for 2016 including Ravishing Red, Banana Yellow and Blue Echo.

Sherwin Williams
Once month later, Sherwin Williams debuted its 2016 color of the year—another shade of white. As described by Jackie Jordan, the company’s Director of Color Marketing, Alabaster SW 7008 is a symbol of rebirth and “represents a straightforward and necessary shift to mindfulness, well-being and an atmosphere that is pure.”

Alabaster is not bright white—it’s unassuming and understated. It offers a neutral canvas on which to build a personalized color story. Use Alabaster as a calming influence in your newborn’s nursery, a zen-like master bedroom or a clean, minimal foyer. Pair it with light browns, pinks, grays and blues to create a calm, transitional design.

Alabaster is the fourth white to be selected as the color of 2016 including the aforementioned Simply White, plus Glidden’s Cappuccino White 45YY 74/073 and Behr’s Ivory Keys T16-17.

In December, Pantone rocked the boat by choosing two colors for 2016. The combination of soft blue and dusty pink “embody a mindset of tranquility and inner peace”, according to the company's press release. 

Pantone defines Rose Quartz as a tender shade conveying empathy and harmony while Serenity symbolizes the relaxing and calming sky. The pairing of a warm and cool tone creates a sense of balance which is totally in step with today's emphasis on gender equality and fluidity.

The company has a proprietary system to help designers and manufacturers define color. Each year, they poll interior designers, retailers and the fashion industry to determine up and coming colors. Often Pantone gives their marketing partners advance notice so they can incorporate the new color into their product lines. We're pretty sure you'll soon be seeing Kitchenaid mixers and Keurig coffee makers in Serenity and Rose Quartz!

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