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If you are a fan of red, you’ll love this post. If you’re not completely sold on this vivacious color, we might actually change your perception. Keep in mind, the shade and amount of red you use will greatly affect the finished product. Generally speaking, red can fit into almost any interior design plan—you just have to know your limits. When used in excess, red can become overwhelming. However, small touches can animate a drab space and create a sense of warmth.

Understanding Red
Red is the color of love, passion, energy, action and yes, even anger. It is often employed in interior design to enhance the senses. For example, red is sometimes used as a wall color in kitchens and dining rooms to stimulate the appetite. Probably not the wall color you’d want for a calming bedroom retreat.

Bright red is a stimulant. It has been known to actually increase the heart rate and blood pressure, while softer, muted shades of the same color can make you feel quite comfortable and relaxed. It is also said to make you lose track of time—check out the color scheme the next time you’re in a casino.

Red is a direct, in-your-face kind of color. Its intensity seems to envelop you and can even start to feel like it’s closing in on you. As with most colors, the psychological affect of red hinges on its level of saturation.

How to Use It
Red is anything but boring. A red accent wall creates excitement without being too overbearing. If large expanses of red scare you, think about using red fabrics. A pair of comfy upholstered red chairs creates a welcoming feel and red drapery panels tend to give off a soft red glow, again creating a cozy environment.

You don’t have to rely on red alone to carry a room. Try combining red with other colors to create interest and personality, making it much more versatile. Rustic brick in a room filled with wood tones gives off a totally different vibe than feminine strawberry paired with soft gray and white.

Remember, red goes with any interior design style, so don’t let that hamper you. It can read, modern, traditional or vintage depending on the shade and intensity. Imagine a coastal living room all decked out in nautical blue and crisp white. A few red accessories add life and play up the beachy feel. To feel the full impact of red, consider using it as the primary color in a jewel box powder room—the look is pure drama!

From candy apple and cranberry to ruby and rust, you can find the perfect red to give your home just the right amount of pizzazz!

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