Choosing a Kickin' Kitchen Range Hood

Is a range hood functional or decorative? Yes, to both! Obviously, you want to make sure it removes cooking fumes and odors but it should also look good. Whether your kitchen is large or small, the range hood can serve as a focal point of the room. Keeping that in mind, it should coordinate with your appliances and cabinetry. Lucky for you, today's manufacturers offer plenty of options featuring designs that work with any style and any size cooking surface.

Old World
Kitchen exhaust systems do their job whether hidden from view behind a stucco chimney, decked out in copper cladding or a covered in a cast stone facade. This type of old world style range hood handles any recipe the serious home cook prepares. Old world range hoods make an important design statement and often set the tone for entire kitchen. This high-profile range hood announces to family and guests that a true gourmet resides in the kitchen.

Homeowners with handcrafted kitchen cabinets need not worry about a range hood disturbing the design of a traditional kitchen. Range hoods concealed with cabinetry-matching panels create a seamless appearance—the range hood recedes into upper cabinets providing no hint of the ventilation system. Cabinet-faced range hoods pay homage to traditional kitchen woodwork. Manufacturers and custom cabinet builders typically offer this decorative option.

Low Profile
Small kitchen spaces require small vent hoods. Apartments and condos have utilized low profile range hoods for years. These unobtrusive range hoods tend to filter kitchen odors rather than venting air out through an exhaust system. Low profile range hoods may be small in stature, but they can spice up a kitchen just like the big guys. They feature the latest halogen lighting and come in a rainbow of colors and designer finishes. So, ditch that clunky avocado green vent hood for a low profile replacement for your kitchen.

Commercial grade range hoods are related to gourmet versions with one big exception—extra power. These range hoods grace high BTU commercial stoves in restaurants across the country. Available from wholesale suppliers, commercial range hoods come with professional accessories to use under the unit like warming shelves and salamanders. For a spacious, no-nonsense kitchen, stainless commercial range hoods command attention and quickly eliminate even the most stubborn grease, smoke and odors.

Not everyone appreciates the aesthetics of an oversized kitchen range hood. If you are after a sleek, unobtrusive look, check out the latest in high-tech styles that shatter the mold of the traditional range hood design. These futuristic styles take up little space while making a big statement. High-tech hoods offer a powerful exhaust system without dominating the room. These space age designs really shine in a modern or contemporary settings.

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