Hot Decor Trends for 2016

With 2015 little more than a distant memory, it’s time to focus on the latest home decor trends for 2016. Everyone has their own picks as to what’s hot, and we’re no exception. Out of all the incredible colors, spaces, accessories, fabrics, patterns and furniture to choose from, we think these seven will definitely make their mark on the design world throughout this year and beyond.

Are you tired of using the bed or dining room table as your office? This is the year to carve out a proper workstation—whether it’s for household accounting, telecommuting or a home-based job. Just remember, the single most important design element for your home office is a statement desk. Choose a new and dynamic style that will let everyone know you mean business—just like the lacquered Jett desk from Z Gallerie.

Traditional Trimming
We are noticing a subtle shift from modern to traditional in home decor. It may not be obvious this year, but you’ll start seeing classic design elements pop up in contemporary and transitional spaces alike. One way to add a little formality and dress up a room without going overboard is to consider using decorative trimming, also known as passementerie, on pillows, upholstered pieces and window treatments. The addition of fringe, cording or tassels goes a long way to soften the look of modern fabrics.

The Dining Room
Even though home builders, flippers and renovators think we’ve completely abandoned the concept of sharing family meals in a formal dining room, we’re hearing rumblings that this seemingly anachronistic space is making a major comeback. A little birdie told us that an increasing number of homeowners are keeping their formal dining rooms rather than taking down walls to create open-concept spaces.

Tropical Leaf Motifs
Tropical leaf motifs have been lurking in the shadows for a while, but will be creating a huge buzz this year. From wallpaper and artwork to fabrics and platters, you’ll find yourself daydreaming about kicking back with a piña colada on a tropical island. We’re happy to say palm frond and banana leaf motifs are more sophisticated and less kitschy than their predecessors. Rather than relying on stereotypical bamboo and rattan pieces, mix your tropical leaves with elegant fabrics and stylish furniture.

Cement Tile
One of the most visually exciting hard surface materials today is cement, or encaustic cement tile. Not familiar with them? These intricately patterned tiles get their saturated colors from pigment added to the cement mix rather than from surface glazes. To create their graphic patterns, separate colors of aggregate are poured into a compartmentalized mold to create a single, exquisite tile. Encaustic cement tile is the perfect way to highlight a wall, floor, backsplash or fireplace surround.

Artisanal Items
It is super hot to decorate your home with artisan fabrics, furniture and accessories. Find your inspiration from local or international sources. These handcrafted items are a responsible alternative to mass-produced merchandise. Pottery, wall art, macramé and hand woven fabrics are unique pieces that tell a special story and add an exotic feel to your home. Even national retailers realize the demand for one-of-a-kind decor by developing relationships with local artisans and global collectives.

Blackened Metals
Black metal is the darling of 2016. We’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill black wrought iron outdoor furniture. No, this sophisticated metal color can be seen in every room in the house. Imagine dramatic black plumbing fixtures, cabinet and door hardware and even dinner flatware. Furniture pieces crafted of matte black metal work with almost any design style. Add wood or glass to the mix and the overall effect is stunning. You can Now you can introduce black metal into your kitchen in a big way. Create a stir with black stainless steel appliances in a sexy, satin finish.

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