4 Fantastic Ways to Repurpose Old Soda Crates

Old wooden soda crates, once used to transport beverages from bottler to distributor to consumer, have found their way into the realm of trendy home decor. A new generation views the outdated wooden soda crate in a completely new light. The retro graphics and simple lines make them naturals for a number of creative home crafting projects.

Spice Rack
Transform a wooden soda crate into a wall spice rack. Find a crate with the bottle dividers in tact. The shallow depth of wooden soda crates makes them ideal for holding small items like spice containers. The distressed wood finish suits country or vintage kitchen designs. A single crate or grouping of crates adds visual interest to empty wall spaces.

Garden Caddy
Convert a soda crate with or without bottle dividers into a gardener’s caddy. Place it near the back door to prevent tracks of dirt through the house. The crate size works for housing pots, plants, seed packets, gloves and tools. Furthermore, everything will be at the ready when it comes time to work in the garden again.

Serving Tray
Wooden soda crates come with side handles, which makes them ideal serving trays for cocktail parties or lunches on the patio. This craft requires a soda crate without wooden dividers to provide open space for carrying plates, glasses, utensils or food. Leave the bottom surface as is, or dress it up with colorful 4 by 4 inch tiles. You can also use small pieces of tile to create a free-form mosaic pattern.

Mudroom Boot Holder
If you find a crate that has seen better days, why not set it on the floor by the back door and use it as a rain and snow boot holder! Purchase a roll of plastic sheeting and cut it to fit the bottom and sides of the crate. Fold the corners and tape it in place to catch drips and dirt to make cleanup a breeze. Fasten small casters to the corners to make it easy to move.


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