Wallpaper Versus Paint: Which to Choose?

Before you toss wallpaper aside as an outdated design look, think again. New products, manufacturing techniques and materials have made wallpaper more popular than ever. The new generation of wallpaper is vibrant, dramatic and the darling of interior designers.

Paint is a quick and easy way to transform the look of a room in an afternoon. A fresh coat of paint will revitalize your existing furnishings and detract from a room’s cosmetic flaws. Buy a roller, brush, drop cloth and a gallon of paint and you’re on the way to instant design gratification.

So which will you choose?

Clean dirt, old wallpaper and flaking paint. Patch holes and cracks. Smooth the surface.


Fill cracks and sand imperfections. Remove dust residue. Apply primer, if necessary.
Today there’s a wide choice of textures, patterns and colors.


Versatile color choices. Paint is super easy to apply and to paint over.
Can take hours to remove old wallpaper. Installation takes patience and skill.


Coverage can be uneven if applied improperly. May require several coats.
$30 average per roll, depending on design and quality. $75 for supplies.

DIY Cost

$25 average per gallon for good quality paint. $75 average for supplies.
Can run about $60 per hour.

Hired Cost

$75 per hour for pro painter.
Vinyl coated wallpaper is great for homes with kids and pets. Smudges wipe off.


Satin, eggshell and semi-gloss are easy clean and can stand up to repeated cleanings.
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