Timeless Home Decorating Tips

If you’re tired of chasing the latest home decor trends, why not concentrate on creating timeless design so your home remains stylish for years to come? When you’re in the process of redecorating and want a truly classic look, consider these simple design basics. They’ll work for any room in your home and save you tons of money in the long run. How good is that?

Subtle Trends
Even if you love following current trends (as most of us do), you can still create a timeless look by incorporating a popular pattern and color with throw pillows or even painting an accent wall. These are easy changes to take advantage of trends that tend to come and go and will keep your spaces looking fresh and relevant.

Clean Lines
Whether your house is a Victorian manse or Mid-Century jewel, remember less is best. Minimize clutter on surfaces as well as your furniture layout. You’ll have less to clean and won’t have things blocking traffic flow. In addition, your furniture should work with the scale and proportion of the room. This will prevent spaces from looking overcrowded.

Comfortable Seating
In today’s world, comfortable seating is a must-have. Would you consider a chair timeless if it was so uncomfortable you couldn’t even sit in it? Fill your home with pieces that not only work with your design style but also feel comfy and welcoming.

Natural Light
No matter how many layers of artificial light you use in your home, don’t forget to include El Sol. It is the most flattering of light sources and provides a glow that incandescent fixtures just can’t duplicate. While you want to protect fine rugs and upholstery from sun damage during certain times of day, you’ll want to let in as much natural light as possible to make the most of your timeless decor.

Quality Accessories
Select accessories and art with a discerning eye. No matter your budget, choose the best items you can afford. Buy one or two accessories or pieces of art rather than over-buying just for the sake of filling a space.

Functional Pieces
As trendy as that driftwood coffee table with the glass top might be, does it really make sense when you have a pair of toddlers in the house? It may look great in the magazine and in your living room but something says you’ll be sorry if you give in to form over function. Here’s a timeless decor rule that will never steer you wrong: Buy furniture pieces designed for everyday use that fit your lifestyle.

Practical Storage
Timeless home decor also includes smart storage solutions. You can make it simple or take it over the top. From wall cubbies or a row of handy coat hooks to a custom closet storage system, it is easy to make practical storage components an integral part of your design style.

Color Cues
Find a color palette that suits your personal aesthetic. Fill your space with warm, cozy hues or cool, modern tones. Whichever palette you prefer, your home will look chic regardless of the latest color trends.
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