Brilliant Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Are you in the dark as to how to properly light your bathroom? Whether you’re looking to improve vanity lighting or want to create a calming, spa-like atmosphere, it’s pretty easy to achieve. We’re sharing four designer tricks that can take your bathroom from bland to brilliant just by updating a few fixtures. These illuminating ideas will certainly help you see the light!

Mimic Natural Light
Daylight is the ultimate lighting for makeup application and general grooming. You obviously want light that’s a true reflection of your appearance before you walk out the door every morning. If you don’t have windows or a skylight in your bathroom, you can reproduce natural light in a number of ways.

Look for bathroom fixtures with white shades – this will create a pure light similar to outdoor light. You can also purchase fixtures and bulbs that claim to mimic natural light. A number of manufacturers offer natural spectrum bulbs that come in incandescent, compact fluorescent and LED varieties.

Add Sparkle 
We’ve all seen and drooled over them on television and in home decor magazines – glamorous chandeliers suspended above the bathtub, adding just that right touch of sparkle and drama. While they look amazing, make sure to check the building codes in your area to find out how and where to hang them.

In some jurisdictions, they are not allowed to be positioned directly over water or must be at least 8 feet above the surface. Double-check before you install it. It’s really a matter of safety for you and your family.

Balance Vanity Lighting

Many bathrooms have a single fixture mounted above the vanity mirror and maybe a flush mounted ceiling fixture. While they provide a decent amount of light, the illumination is off kilter.

Instead of standard bar-style vanity lights, install attractive sconces on either side of your mirror. They will provide evenly distributed light with little or no glare. Or position bar lights vertically on either side of the mirror.

Create a Layered Effect
The big bathroom lighting challenge is to create layers of lighting to handle close tasks as well as mood lighting for total relaxation. Include makeup lighting around the vanity, recessed lighting overhead, decorative fixtures for that touch of glam and soffit strips to impart a soft glow.

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