Decorating Dilemmas | Gigantic Bedroom

Dear Homeagination:
Our master bedroom is one many people would probably love. However, we’re not feeling the love for it at the moment. It is a massive 20 x 20 with an en suite bath and huge walk-in closet. Sounds great, right? Well, if the overall square footage isn’t enough of an issue, the darned thing has soaring vaulted ceilings, making it seem even larger. We gravitate toward transitional furnishings with a casual feel. So, what can we do to warm up this huge, cavernous bedroom?
— Too Much Space in Seattle

Dear Lost in Space:
Luckily, you have solved the biggest piece of the puzzle and are much closer to conquering your master bedroom design plan than you might think. You’ve already determined your personal design style, which will help you on the road to decorating. Transitional style pulls from traditional and contemporary, making it the perfect blend for creating a casual master bedroom.

Don’t fall into the trap of using dark colors to try to cozy up the large space. You’ll only end up weighing it down and giving it a somber feel. The best course of action is to bring in neutrals for a warm and inviting vibe. Select warm colors in a range of medium to light tones. Paint your vaulted ceiling the same color as your walls and add beams to visually bring the ceiling height down a notch.

Be generous with texture. Mix woods, metals and organic textures. A variety of fabrics for bedding, curtains and rugs will enhance the effect. The result will be a warm bedroom with much needed visual interest. Add subdued lighting to create an intimate mood with a combination of chandeliers, pendants, sconces, table and floor lamps.

Break up the space based on separate functions: one for sleep, one for reading, one for watching TV, etc. That way you’ll fool the eye into thinking you have several rooms within one space. There’s no need for physical barriers to divide the zones, use area rugs to delineate the different areas.

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