Quick Clicks | 12 Days of Cute and Quirky Holiday Tree Ideas

Are you completely over that prickly fake tree that takes forever to put together every Christmas? How would you like to help the planet and save a real tree? Do you have limited space for a tree and decorations? Are you one of those "color outside the lines" types? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, maybe it's time to take things in a different direction this year.

Face it. A festive tree is the focal point of the home during the holidays and things just don't feel right without one. But a traditional tree can easily overpower a space and might look a little old fashioned in a contemporary room. Don't fret, my dears. We've got some super quirky trees that won't monopolize the room but still exude the beauty and hipness you're after.

Get ready to be inspired by this countdown of our favorite unconventional Christmas trees. They take up so little room and are so budget friendly, you can have a tree in the home office, bedroom, kitchen or any place you feel the need for some funky Christmas cheer!

12. For the DIYer

11. For the wine lover

10. For the IKEA fan

9. For the Martha wannabe
 Martha Stewart

8. For the crafty crafter 
  The Creativity Exchange

7. For the eclectic one

6. For the minimalist 

5. For the artist

4. For the bookworm

3. For the collector 

2. For the gardener

1. For the photographer

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