Color Cache | Navy Blue

It’s dapper, droll and sophisticated—all rolled into one stylish little package. Navy blue is a timeless color that remains on trend, and with good reason.  It plays well with other colors and can serve as a deep neutral or can easily be an accent color to give any space in your home a classic look.

Understanding Navy
Navy blue has some of the same characteristics as other deep, dark colors. It exudes an air of elegance and refinement. Navy also connotes intellect, harmony, strength and tradition.

It is thought to have the ability to calm the mind and eliminate interference, allowing you to think clearly and get to the bottom of things. Navy blue is the shade most associated with impartiality and good judgment.

Navy expresses seriousness, assurance, influence and a sense of importance. For centuries, naval uniforms around the world have featured that dark, familiar blue hue—that’s how the color earned its moniker.

Decorating with Navy
As with any inky hue, navy emphasizes small details and makes them pop—like white crown molding or metallic finishes played against navy walls. It is so versatile because it works well with almost every color. You may think of it as ultra modern, but navy is the perfect foil for traditional furniture and accessories. Use it on all four walls or the ceiling to create a real sense of drama.

If you’re too timid for all over navy, pick a piece of furniture and cover it in sumptuous navy velvet. It could be a sofa, headboard or a tufted ottoman. If you don’t have the budget for an upholstered piece, swing by the local thrift store and adopt a worn dresser, console or end table and give it new life with a coat of navy blue paint.

Still not convinced that navy is the right color for your home? Why not start really small with a splash of navy by way of a pillow, lamp or throw just to see how you like it. This way, you can test drive navy without making a huge commitment or investment.

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