Design Crush | Pegboard

Get ready for it. Pegboard. Is. Hot. No really.

In case you’re not familiar, pegboard is a composite wallboard product available in hardware stores and home improvement centers. It features a series of evenly spaced, pre-drilled holes designed to accept a variety of hooks and holders. Once relegated to tool storage in the garage, pegboard has since taken off and is used in just about every room of the house.

You should really give pegboard a whirl. It’s is fun, inexpensive, versatile and totally on trend. To give you some inspiration, we’ve put together a collection of our favorite uses for this long-overlooked workshop staple. Take a look, grab some pegboard then go forth and organize!

 Here's a great way to organize and beautify your craft room with a framed pegboard storage center. 

Create a pegboard backsplash to organize utensils, cups and host of other kitchen tools.

 Imagine having an organized sewing center where everything's in easy reach!

Untangle those necklaces and earrings and display them so you can grab and go!

 This inspiration/message pegboard is a great idea for busy creative types.

Promote good study habits with this pegboard homework station.

This pegboard idea takes personal organization up a notch by creating a stylish bedroom focal point.

Let's not forget the original intent for pegboards: tool storage.

This pegboard potrack gets pans out of the cabinets to free up valuable kitchen space.

 Use pegboard to make a gallery wall that's super easy to swap out artwork when the mood strikes.

 If you telecommute or just want to organize your home office, a pegboard wall is the perfect solution.

The pegboard system is a nifty way to keep the resident sports enthusiast's gear in check.

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