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We love tiny houses. They’re cute, efficient, affordable, require little upkeep and are easy to transport. Tiny houses vary in size depending on who you’re talking to, but most range from 150 to 500 square feet. To make them portable, most are built on trailer chassis so they can be easily towed and parked in an RV or mobile home community.

If you have a plot of land or a vacant driveway, that’s great—you have an instant base of operations for your tiny house. No place to put one? Take a look on Craigslist for someone to rent you the land and utilities to host your little abode. If you want to live in the city, you’ll need to check local zoning ordinances to make sure your tiny house is considered a legal dwelling.

The main requirement for establishing a location for your tiny house is the availability of utilities and a water source. If you want to be off-grid, you can purchase a tiny house with composting toilets, rainwater collection systems and solar panels. In that case, all you’ll need is a plot of land and potable water.

Now that you’re totally curious about tiny house living, take a gander at these adorable examples. Come on, we know you want one! (Click on the links at the end of this post for full house tours.)

There's plenty of room in this kitchen to handle Thanksgiving dinner.

 This tiny house has it all. Even a full size bathtub and washer/dryer.

 Spread out in this king-size sleeping loft.

 A rustic cabin feel in the Nomad's Nest.

Clean, simple and stylish interior.

Cozy, adorable reading nook.

 Everything you'd ever possibly need.

 A boho container home beauty.

OMG. Can we live here?

 Zyl Vardos tiny houses are magical.
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