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There’s nothing like refreshing your home on a budget. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to incorporate new style and color is to switch out your throw pillows. Virtually every retailer has a fabulous selection of decorative pillows suitable for every room of the house. With all these options available, the choices can be a bit overwhelming. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you navigate through the latest throw pillow trends. Have fun picking the perfect pillows to liven up your décor!

Glitz and Glam
We know you’ll take a shine to throw pillows that give off a subtle sparkle. Propped up on your bed or gracing your sofa, pillows featuring sequins, metallic beadwork, shimmering threads or made with a silvery fabric will be certain to turn heads and create an air of elegant sophistication. This trend works well with contemporary and traditional décor.

Neutral and Organic
Throw pillow covers made from organic cotton and hemp to bamboo, stonewashed linen and seagrass are great accents for a casual living room, bedroom or even a covered porch. Beige, tan, taupe and cream tones are far from boring. A monochromatic palette is understated and timeless. The natural fibers of the throw pillows add dimension and interest to any space.

Abstract and Geometric
Undefined shapes and graphic patterns on throw pillows are the perfect complement to trendy mid-century modern design. Choose from bold black and white angles or figurative forms in vibrant colors that resemble modern works of art.

Nature Views
Soothing geodes, wood grain, marble and feathers add sense of nature and texture to decorative throw pillows through artistic renderings or photographic reproductions on fabric. These realistic images designed to fool the eye will add new energy and a hip vibe to your home

Sweater Weaves

The transformation of a cozy, classic sweater into a chic and comfortable throw pillow adds a sense of warmth that speaks to your distinctive style. These charming chunky knits and crocheted pillows look right at home artfully arranged on a sofa, bed or oversized chair. Sweater pillows lend a classic and familiar feel to traditional and boho rooms alike.

Faux Furs
While these other materials are quite beautiful, faux fur pillows are extra special. They’re elegant and glamorous, and can work on the bed, sofas or accent chairs. Faux fur offers luxurious comfort and a look that works alone or coordinates with other pillow fabrics. Whether you use a single faux fur pillow to add drama or create a sumptuous grouping—the possibilities are endless.

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