Design Crush : : Triptychs

We’ve all heard of the rule of three in interior design and art. There’s something magical and almost mystical about this odd number—which makes triptychs ideal for adding visual impact to a room. The word and concept of triptychs derives from the Greek word meaning “three fold”.  In home design, triptychs are commonly referred to artwork that is divided equally into three sections.

These impressive works of art were initially discovered gracing the walls of eastern European churches of the Byzantine Empire. Today, triptychs can be photographs, painted works or reproductions of a single image split up into three separate panels. Occasionally you’ll see triptychs consisting of three distinct images that work together thematically.

Let’s take a look at a few fun examples and we’ll give you ideas on how to work them into your d├ęcor.

Birch Tree Forest
An abstract take on a birch forest is the perfect complement to a contemporary room. These oversize panels are the perfect backdrop for mid-century inspired design and contrast beautifully with an edgy, industrial wall treatment. This particular triptych is reproduced on canvas panels and covered with a gel coat to give the illusion of brushstrokes or application with a palette knife.

Still Life Palm Fronds
This triptych features a realistic composition of banana palm fronds created from metal. The open sections and pressed metal fronds add texture, interest and a hint of color to a dining room above a sideboard or a headboard wall in the master bedroom. A triptych can transform your room into a tropical vacation getaway.

Graphic Photography
An up close and personal tri-panel split photograph of a hybrid wolf dog aims to impress. This triptych is printed on HD aluminum metal panels to give the image a lustrous finish. This engaging trio will surely be the  focal point of an office or expansive wall in a great room.

Coastal Getaway 
This is a wonderful triptych with a calming coastal feel that would be right a home in any casual living area. Its generous dimensions make a big statement, while the soft, beachy hues prevent it from dominating the space. These three pieces work as one large piece of art. They would look great over a sofa in a vacation home or an urban loft apartment. 


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