Make the Most of Your Small Outdoor Space

Not all of us are blessed with an expansive outdoor entertaining space. Whether you have a dinky patio, narrow balcony or a diminutive deck, you can turn it into a beautiful, practical and fun outdoor space to enjoy all spring, summer and fall. Check out these super easy tips to give your small patio the big presence it deserves!

1. Treat it like another room in your house.

You don’t have to spend much at all on this one. Simply leave the door or slider to your outdoor space open and make it an extension of your indoor living space. All you need is an all-weather area rug and a simple seating group to create another “room”. Layer on a few outdoor pillows, candles and plants to connect the outdoors with the indoors.

2. Go minimal.

If you have a teeny tiny balcony, keep things simple. Three furniture pieces will do the trick. A bistro set will double for entertaining and dining making your small outdoor space extremely versatile.

3. Consider Scale and Proportion

Basically this means to make sure your furnishings fit in the space and work with each other. Use items of similar scale so they don’t overwhelm the limited dimensions of your patio. Create balance through shape, color and texture for a pleasing visual effect.

4. Use space saving furniture. 

Give yourself and your guests a little breathing room by using functional furniture that folds up and moves out of the way when not in use. A folding table and chairs can come out for an intimate dinner party and can go into storage when you are ready for a relaxing afternoon with your folding chaise lounge and side table.

5. Draw the eye up.

You may not have square footage on your side, but you can give your patio the illusion of additional space by utilizing perpendicular surfaces. A small patio umbrella not only protects you from the summer sun, it also adds height. Plant a hanging wall garden to free up floor space and create vertical interest.  If you have a patio cover, install a set of patio string lights overhead to enhance the mood.

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